Mac McClung won the NBA Dunk Contest

The NBA G-league rookie of the year Mac McClung soars his way to star status and single handedly saved the Slam Dunk Contest. Follow for more nba now news and all-star weekend updates here!

Mac McClung, the former high school sensation and NBA G-League standout took home the NBA Dunk trophy on Sunday (Manila time) after putting an incredible dunk show and provided a near 50-point record sweep in all of his four dunks, defeating his opponent Trey Murphy III of New Orleans Pelicans 100-98. For all-star draft upcoming fresh updates here!

The Delaware Blue Coats guard of the NBA G-League has last played his first NBA season with the Los Angeles Lakers and recently signed a two-way deal for the Philadelphia 76ers captured the attention and heart of many with is insane never-before-seen package of dunks and solely save the dunk contest from abyss.

He made his way to his first NBA trophy by beating  New Orleans’ Trey Murphy III in the finals with two 50-point dunks, while in the preliminary round, Jericho Sims of the New York Knicks and Kenyon Martin Jr of Houston Rockets both got eliminated. Murphy recorded a 49.2 on his final dunk, to complete his total score of 98, but McClung did two impressive dunks (the first will be the hesi dunk and last is the 540 spin dunk that both got perfect score of 50. 

After the contest, Mac McClung assured the NBA fans that he will be back and participate in next year’s all-star dunk contest. “If you guys will have me, I’ll be back,” he said.

Three-Point Contest

Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers dominated the 3-point contest by defeating the Indiana Pacers duo of Buddy Hield and Tyrese Haliburton in the championship round.  

Damian Lillard wore his Weber State college jersey with “Dolla” on the back and scored 26 points on the preliminary round to seal the last spot for the final round and eliminated Jayson Tatum, who scored 21 points. Lillard played in Weber State for four years in his college years and led them to multiple national tournament appearances. Tyrese Haliburton registered 31 points to top the preliminary ladder, followed by Lillard, and Buddy Hield at third with 23 points.

Lillard won the final round by duplicating his first round output of 26 points, while Buddy Hield produced 25 and Haliburton failed to duplicate his 31-point performance and added only 17 in the final round.

“They say the third time’s the charm,” said Lillard, who finally clinched his first 3-point title in his third try at the all-star event. “And I’m happy that it happened here. It’s a perfect situation. I’m happy that I did it in my home, coming back here to Utah.”

“The best shooters in the history of our game, most of them have one of these,” Lillard said while holding his trophy. “I just wanted to get it done at least one time. And now I have it, so I can retire from it.”

Boston Celtics’ Jayson Tatum, Utah’s Lauri Markkanen, Miami Heat’s Tyler Herro, Kings’ Kevin Huerter, and New York’s Julius Randle all eliminated in the first round. 

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