World Cup 2022 Matchday 2: Biggest Winner, Loser, Player of the Day

Day 2 of the World Cup 2022 produced unpredictable matches. Wales drew the USA. The Netherlands beat Senegal, Saudi Arabia’s huge victory and more. Visit for more soccer match here!

Senegal vs. Netherlands 

Results: Senegal 0 – 2 Netherlands

Summary: Netherlands narrowly defeated Senegal. This was an intense matchup, Senegal really tried their best to contain every possession of the Dutch team. However, Cody Gakpo is a different beast and decided to take matters into his own hand by heading the ball, leaving Mendy behind, and lift Netherlands up by 1 point. The game had an extra time, and there two Senegalese players received yellow cards, both Mendy and Gueye. Davy Klaassen delivered the final nail in the coffin as he scored the  second goal for the Netherlands to seal the victory against the tenacious and aggressive Sadio Mane-less Senegal team. You can watch soccer online free here!

Player of the Match: Cody Gakpo 84’.

USA vs. Wales

Results: USA 1 – 1 Wales

Summary: This match is probably considered as a group match of the tournament. USA missed the 2018, while Wales ended their 64 year drought, so this match will be as intense and thrilling as you won’t expect. Timothy Weah scored the first goal to give the momentum for USA at the 36th minute of the match, it was the first goal against Wales since 1958, the first one who scored against Wales  was none other than the Brazil great Pele. Wales continued their attacks and attempts to score at the back of the net. USA on the other side, is consistent on defense until Zimmerman recklessly committed a slide tackle towards the attacking veteran Wales skipper Bale. It was a penalty for Bale, and he sent it successfully to the back of the net and drew the game for Wales. This is the team’s first goal since 1958 and they made it with passion by frustrating the American side for a draw.

Player of the Match: Gareth Bale 82’ P

Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia

Results: Argentina 1 – 2 Saudi Arabia

Summary: Saudi Arabia has done it. They made a historic upset in FIFA history. They stuns Lionel Messi and Argentina. During the early first half of the match, Argentina was looking dominant, attacking the net aggressively that led to Messi’s penalty shot at the 10th minute of the match. The Argentines are aggressive, in fact they made a hat-trick just from canceled goals due to VAR review. On the other side, Saudi Arabia is smart on defense, they made huge adjustments, leaving no space for Messi, making him pass the ball and not let him near the box. Things got worse for Argentina in the second-half, Saleh Alshehri punished the lazy defense, playing around Romero inside the box before leaving behind Martinez to send the ball at the net for an equalizer. The Saudi Arabia fans roared at the Lusail Stadium. In the 53rd minute mark of the match, Salem Aldawsari scored the second and winning goal for Saudi Arabia. It was sensational, they down Argentina and Messi’s chance for the 2022 World Cup trophy. 

Player of the Match: Salem Aldawsari 53’

Denmark vs. Tunisia

Results: Denmark 0 – 0 Tunisia

Summary: This is an entertaining goalless draw so far in the FIFA World Cup. Both teams were aggressive. In fact, 15 of the 24 shots committed in this match between Denmark and Tunisia came via corner situations – a historic record in a single World Cup match since 1966. Denmark were denied a chance for a penalty kick at the end of the match. Issam Jebali almost had the chance to lift Tunisia with his close-range goal but was denied by the goalkeeper. In the second half, Eriksen started it for Denmark with an aggressive attack, passing it to Cornelius but lost the chance. Christensen almost pulled the first goal but hit the post. The game ended in a scoreless draw.

Player of the match: N/A

Biggest Winner: Saudi Arabia

It was a historic match for the middle east nation. They ended the three-year unbeaten run of Argentina and made Messi’s path for his first World Cup title narrow. Salem Aldawsari and Saleh Alshehri stepped up in crunch time and did not let their fellows watching live and the whole nation disappointed and make this match a memorable one listed in the history of FIFA. In fact, Saudi Arabia declares a public holiday to mark this historic win. Wednesday will be a national holiday in the country, its seismic 2-1 World Cup win over Lionel Messi was celebrated as a coming of age.

Biggest Loser: Argentina

WIthout a doubt, Argentina messed up their opening game. All pre-match odds and pre-World Cup odds is one their favor, but they performed contrary to the expectations. Messi did everything he could to give the national team a momentum in this first match, but it was Saudi Arabia who did not rattle and showed confidence to perform in a critical moment. The 36-match winning streak has ended for Argentina. Now, instead of odds, it was doubts that were raining on their sides, especially from Argentine fans looking for this World Cup optimistic. 

Player of the Day: Salem Aldawsari (Saudi Arabia)

The 31 year-old stepped up big time for Saudi Arabia. It was him who made big moves in a critical moment. He did not settle for a draw, nor celebrate. He was focused looking for the bigger catch, an upset against the 3rd best in the World. He flies Saudi Arabia up over Argentina and shocks the whole world, edging the favorite. Now, Saudi Arabia has all the confidence they need to continue their impressive performance in this World Cup and Al-Dawsari will surely lead the way to more unpredictable results against Mexico and Poland.

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