Reasons Why the English Premier League Title Pursuit Is Far From Over Despite Arsenal & Liverpool Fall

English Premier League

Manchester City has dominated the English Premier League title race following the significant blows of Liverpool and Arsenal in their respective matches. However, despite being secured with a spot in the top four, Pep Gurdiola’s side is still in danger of being ousted from the top as the competition is not done yet, and there is still plenty of time for twists to emerge.

The English Premier League match weekend began when Manchester City defeated Luton Town 5-1 and secured their place in the top spot of the title chase. Meanwhile, they watched in the background as Liverpool thrashed by Crystal Palace with a 1-0 defeat. On the other hand, the Gunners lost to Aston Villa at the Emirates Stadium with 2-0.

Man City is now in the prime position, leading by two points over their rivals Liverpool and Arsenal. The Gunners and the Reds have gained the upper hand in the recent title races over the Sky Blues. However, there is still plenty of room for the tides to turn in favor of the two, and here are the reasons why:

Champions League diversion

Manchester City and Arsenal are set to meet at the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals, and both teams’ fates hang in the balance. The conclusion of the match for either side will have huge consequences for the English Premier League champions’ title pursuit. 

If Man City defeated Real Madrid and Arsenal beat Bayern Munich, then the Citizens will have three more games than their contenders before the end of the edition (Champions League semis and FA Cup semis). What this means is that their players will get exhausted before the Premier League finals even start

City’s aversion to Tottenham

Every football side at English Premier League has an archrival, and City has found it in the form of Tottenham Hotspur. In every significant competition, be it domestic or international, the Spurs seem to be always in Man City’s hair. 

Pep Guardiola’s squad had a traumatic experience at the old White Hart Lane, where they lost five matches against Tottenham Hotspur and were denied a single goal. This alone explains why whenever they play the Spurs, their luck seems to always run out. 

Being in trouble at English Premier League

City is the side in the English Premier League topflight that can easily cope with a jam packed schedule more than its counterparts. However, the rigorous schedule is definitely consuming their team. City’s coach, Pep Guardiola, himself admitted that they are in deep trouble.

After being injured in his international match, Kyle Walker has been on the fringe, and his participation in the second leg against Real Madrid is in jeopardy. Other significant players who will miss the matches are John Stones, Ederson, Nathan Ake, and Rodri. 

Haaland’s decline

12BETINFO Reasons Why the English Premier League Title Pursuit Is Far From Over Despite Arsenal & Liverpool Fall
Haaland is Man City’s best player yet he has a recent dry spell.

In the last edition, Erling Haaland clinched a penalty against Luton Town, which resulted in 20 league goals for Manchester City. However, he is not the goal-scoring juggernaut he was last season. It seems like the squads have learned to defeat the Norwegian striker. He is often criticized for City’s unfruitful recent performances. 

As the English Premier League season deepens for both sides, the competition becomes more brutal, and Guardiola needs all his players’ hands on deck. Even though he has plenty of bad boys to utilize in favor of the side, it will be extremely difficult for them to win. 

The finals of the English Premier League are approaching, and Man City has been at the top of the three-way title race. However, the competition is still far from over, and many things can still go down that will flip the odds in Arsenal or Liverpool’s favor.