NBA Cards: Lebron and Durant leads All-Star Voting

The first partial result of the 2023 NBA All-Star Voting showed that Lebron James (West frontcourt) and Kevin Durant (East frontcourt) lead the overall voting results and at their respective position groups. Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving lead the guard position. Follow for more NBA cards stories and updates here!

The 38 year-old Los Angeles Lakers veteran is leading the 2023 All-Star Voting for frontcourt position in the West division together with Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant in the East division, this is the first fan voting result. While in the Guard position, Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry, both NBA veterans, lead the way for the first result in the East and West division. 

Tomorrow, January 7 (Philippine Standard Time) will have the “3-for-1 Day” where fan votes will count three times. Which means if you vote for Stephen Curry tomorrow, Steph will get three votes from you. The next all-star voting updates will be released on January 12. 

Below are the current Top 10 Players in the First Fan Returns:





  1. LeBron James (LAL) – 3,168,694
  1. Kevin Durant (BKN) – 3,118,545
  1. Nikola Jokic (DEN) – 2,237,768
2. Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL) – 2,998,327
  1. Anthony Davis (LAL) – 2,063,325
3. Joel Embiid (PHI) – 2,226,712
  1. Zion Williamson (NOP) – 1,924,222
4. Jayson Tatum (BOS) – 2,178,330
  1. Andrew Wiggins (GSW) – 1,123,898
5. Jimmy Butler (MIA) – 477,008
  1. Paul George (LAC) – 955,896
6. Pascal Siakam (TOR) – 324,632
  1. Lauri Markkanen (UTA) – 466,988
7. Kyle Kuzma (WAS) – 234,035
  1. Draymond Green (GSW) – 405,245
8. Paolo Banchero (ORL) – 212,417
  1. Kawhi Leonard (LAC) – 303,477
9. Nic Claxton (BKN) – 160,407
  1. Kevon Looney (GSW) – 245,985
10. Jarrett Allen (CLE) – 121,561

In this table, it is very noticeable that most players that are initially in the Top 10, specifically in the West, are mostly from the reigning champion Golden State Warriors with Andrew Wiggins (injury), Draymond Green, and Kevon Looney. The surprise is Lauri Markkanen who surprised the NBA World when he was currently leading the supposed-tanking Utah Jazz. While in the East, the No.1 Pick and current rookie leader Paolo Banchero made it also to the Top 10, while first-timer Nic Claxton of Brooklyn made into first initial result. Kyle Kuzma is also solidifying himself this season, leading the Washington Wizards to a strong start. Now, let’s look at the initial Top 10 Guard position:

  1. Stephen Curry (GSW) – 2,715,520
  1. Kyrie Irving (BKN) – 2,071,715
  1. Luka Doncic (DAL) – 2,388,502
2. Donovan Mitchell (CLE) – 1,637,374
  1. Ja Morant (MEM) – 915,507
3. James Harden (PHI) – 1,161,593
  1. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (OKC) – 911,774
4. Jaylen Brown (BOS) – 1,032,522
  1. Klay Thompson (GSW) – 514,104
5. Trae Young (ATL) – 791,354
  1. Russell Westbrook (LAL) – 448,224
6. DeMar Derozan (CHI) – 544,629
  1. Damian Lillard (POR) – 314,158
7. LaMelo Ball (CHA) – 299,113
  1. Devin Booker (PHX) – 224,961
8. Tyrese Haliburton (IND) – 281,691
  1. Austin Reaves (LAL) – 144,520
9. Derrick Rose (NYK) – 220,229
  1. Jordan Poole (GSW) – 138,392
10. Darius Garland (CLE) – 143,826

In this position, there are a lot of surprises like new faces and unexpected names. In the West Division, Austin Reaves, the undrafted player who plays an important starting role for the Lakers, made it to the ninth spot, while Jordan Poole, the $140 million contract player made it to the Top 10. In the East, Tyrese Haliburton will potentially make it to his first All-Star game, thanks to his impressive season that turns many attention and eyes from NBA fans. Derrick Rose, the former NBA MVP also made a cut, thanks to the passionate Knicks fans and Chicago Bulls die hard who cast their votes to willingly watch the youngest NBA MVP to possibly play his last All-Star Game.

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