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how to cheat in an online casino

Do you ever wonder if you can cheat in an online bingo sites like 12Casino? Well, if you came across this article for any purpose other than satisfying your curiosity, you’ve got it all wrong. With advancements in technology and cybersecurity, you’re likely going to get caught. However, there are legitimate ways to increase your chances of winning when playing online bingo.

Cheating at any licensed gambling establishment, whether physical or online, is illegal and punishable by law. This is an entertaining piece about methods and tools used over the years, but please, never attempt to cheat at an online or land-based casino. EVER.

How to Cheat at an Online Bingo

Understanding the process of cheating at online casinos or mobile bingo apps can be a bonus for anyone running them. If people start cheating, it’s no longer gambling. It’s a calculated risk that ensures the establishment loses money 100%. Cheaters also have a slim chance of success. So, the risk-to-reward ratio might not be worth going to jail for.

Here are some ways people “cheat” on online Bingo sites:

Taking Advantage of Welcome Bonuses

A popular method to cheat an online casino is to capitalize on the signup bonus offer. Technically, this isn’t counted as cheating. The bonus exists to give players an edge, so if it’s in the terms and conditions, it’s not really cheating. It’s like exploiting tax loopholes – you’re just taking advantage of the system!

Many gamblers spend their days chasing welcome bonuses! A similar strategy exists in sports betting, known as matched betting.

Seasoned online casino and bingo players capitalize on having a bonus for sign-ups. They can calculate the odds of consistently walking away with more money than they initially invested. Remember, if gambling becomes a calculated risk, it turns into a con and can be serious. There’s still debate about whether exploiting welcome bonuses is considered cheating, but be cautious if you try. It’s always a worrisome sight for the establishment operators.

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Hacking Online Casino Platforms

Another method to cheat on online bingo or mobile bingo, in general, is if you’re a hacker or manage to hire one. No one truly understands the technical aspects of such illicit businesses, but there might be ways for a hacker to profit from these sites. They can load cash into their accounts, rig simulations in their favor, hack other players’ accounts, withdraw their money, or manage to retrieve credit card information from other players.

Of course, cybersecurity measures set by online casino establishments prevent such activities, making the chances of a hacker succeeding extremely slim.

Why is it Impossible to Cheat in an Online Bingo

Online bingo and gambling sites have become popular targets for cybercriminal attacks, primarily due to the massive cash flow these establishments experience daily. They have implemented multiple security measures to combat these attacks and safeguard their assets and data.

End-to-end encryption is one way they achieve this. This encrypts data as it’s sent from one point to another, making it unreadable if intercepted by hackers while in transit. Additional security measures are also implemented by the gaming commissions that regulate these online casinos.

The success of online casino establishments mainly depends on their reputation, popularity, credibility from having a physical casino, and their security systems. This provides a sense of trust among players that their money and information are uncompromised.

For many businesses, technology has become ubiquitous. They started branching out from being a brick-and-mortar setup to creating an online presence. It’s minimally expensive once set up but provides convenience for both the establishment owners and customers. E-commerce has opened a new avenue where services and work can be accessible to people.

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Legitimate Way to Win in an Online Bingo

The best way to put it is just to play the numbers and take your chances. The only legitimate way to win at gambling is actually playing Bingo. Learn the calls, understand the rules, and just play normally.

If there are fewer players, it means you have a better chance of winning. If you purchase more bingo cards, then you get more chances to win. If you play more hours in a day, your chances of winning increase. Playing the numbers is the only way.

One of the primary methods of winning at online casino bingo is known as the Granville strategy. This is so popular that experts in stock market analysis also use it to predict price activity. Granville’s theory relies on some basic rules for examining Bingo cards, such as:

  • Equal high and low numbers
  • Equal odd and even numbers
  • Equal numbers ending in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9

Another strategy created by British statistician Tippett is a less accepted method that looks at increasing bingo odds. After extensive statistical analysis and probability study, Tippett suggested that more bingo balls tend to be closer to the median number 38 as a 75-ball bingo game seems to last longer. If the game is shorter, then the numbers drawn are more likely closer to numbers 1 and 75.

If you want to follow Tippett’s Bingo strategy, then:

  • Choose bingo cards closer to 1 and 75 if you’re playing short bingo games.
  • Choose bingo cards closer to 38 for longer games, like blackout bingo.

Cheating at online bingo is a huge risk, one that you should never take. If you need money so badly that you’re willing to risk jail, you should reevaluate your logic and mindset. Gamble responsibly and safely.

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