Gasols: The First NBA Brothers to start in All-Star Game

Way back 2014-2015, the Gasol Brothers were making a name for themselves and giving the league a taste of their elite athleticism and it was fruitful as they became the first NBA brothers to start in an All-Star Game.

Marc Gasol and Pau Gasol are both former NBA players, not just regular NBA players, but a star on their own — racking accolades after accolades, and most importantly championship. In the 2014-2015 season, Pau Gasol, a newly Chicago Bulls forward, continued his ‘A’ game to the much relatively weak eastern division and torched the league with his traditional-modern style of play as a big man that gave him a relatively easy path to be part of the All-Star Games. While his younger brother, Marc Gasol was carrying the Memphis Grizzlies for a playoff spot in a very competitive Western Division. For NBA All Star Game 2023 tickets related news and updates here!

At that time, despite being 34 years old and almost passed in his prime, Pau Gasol still managed to seal his fifth All-Star, while his younger brother, Marc Gasol was on his second All-Star appearance at that time after they both finished second in the All-Star voting among frontcourts in their respective conferences.

The Gasol Brothers made history during that season, and eight years later, no brothers have done the same, not even the Ball brothers, or Antetokounmpos, or even the Holiday brothers. Marc Gasol of the Memphis Grizzlies started for the West, while the first year Chicago Bulls forward Pau Gasol played as a starter for the East side together with Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, and among others.

“Knowing that I will be facing my brother Pau for the opening tip, it will be a true accomplishment for our family and a memory I will cherish for the rest of my career. It holds special meaning to be voted in by the fans, and I look forward to representing my teammates, the organization, the city of Memphis and the entire Mid-South community and Grizzlies fans across the world,” Marc Gasol said in a press-released statement by the Grizzlies.

THE 2015 All-Star Game

The All-Star game ended with a very competitive score of 163-158 in favor of Team West. Pau Gasol played 25 minutes and registered a double-double performance with 10 points and 12 rebounds for East in a defeat over his brother Marc Gasol who also played 25 minutes and six points and 10 rebounds. 

The Gasols were not the first brothers to play in the same All-Star Game — it was Dick and Tom Van Arsadale way back in the 70s  when they made their two consecutive All-Star appearances.

Today, both Gasol brothers are out of the league — Pau played his last season sitting on the bench for Portland Trail Blazers in 2019, while Marc Gasol continued his pro-career in Girona at Liga ACB. Both brothers won championships – two for Pau in 2009 and 2010 for the Los Angeles Lakers, and one for Marc Gasol in 2019 for Toronto Raptors. 

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