What Are the State Lotteries in Southeast Asia?


In Asia, there is a wide array of lotteries you can join to boost your odds of winning. Each nation in Southeast Asia has its organized lottery system and draws for its citizens and foreign nationals. Today, we will focus our lenses on the world of state lotteries in the ASEAN region.  

Legality of lotteries in Asia

Asia is a large continent filled with diverse cultures, making it the world’s largest cultural melting pot. Aside from its diversity in culture, Asia is also divergent in terms of political and religious states. As a result of these differences, the legality of betting games such as lotteries is different in each territory in Asia. 

Gambling is either prohibited or regulated in Southeast Asia, depending on the country. In most nations in this region, the only gambling activities that are deemed legal are state lotteries and horserace betting.

12BETINFO What Are the State Lotteries in Southeast Asia?
State lottery and horserace betting are the only legal gambling activities in most countries.

To avoid inadvertently playing illegal betting games and getting into trouble, you must know the lottery games offered in each Southeast Asian country and fully understand the legality of gambling activities in each territory. 

State lotteries by country

Countries in Southeast Asia offer various lottery games. Here is our rundown on each territory: 


The lottery in Vietnam is highly regulated, and only the government can operate the lottery draws. There are many lotteries in Vietnam, but the most popular ones are the National Lottery and Vietlott, with the latter only being established in 2016. The National Lottery of Vietnam was created in 1962, and the cost of each lottery ticket is VND 10,000 for a chance to win a grand prize as huge as VND 1.5 billion.


Among the nations in the ASEAN region, Singapore has the most thriving gambling industry. The country is home to two of the most luxurious integrated casino resorts in Asia—the Marina Bay Sands and the Resorts World Sentosa. However, these casinos are only accessible to tourists. 

12BETINFO What Are the State Lotteries in Southeast Asia?
Marina Bay Sands Resort and Casino

As compensation for the lack of casino establishments, Singapore legalized lottery and horserace betting, which are owned by Singapore Pools and the Singapore Turf Club respectively, regulators owned by the state. Singapore Pools is offering three lottery games: TOTO, 4D, and Singapore Sweepstakes. 


Thailand has a rich history of lottery games, dating back to 1874 when the games were first introduced in the ASEAN nation. The first lottery draw was made in the country during King Chulalongkorn’s birthday, and proceeds from the trade were used to finance the transfer of goods to the Grand Palace. 

Today, the country operates lottery draws from the Thai Government Lottery (TGL), with tickets costing 20 baht to 40 baht. Aside from the national lottery, illegal operators run underground lotteries called Huai Tai Din. 


Like Singapore, the Philippine government has less strict policies on gambling activities, with the sole purpose of promoting tourism in the country. The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes (PCSO), a corporation that the government owns, offers lotto games such as the Grand Lotto, Ultra Lotto, and Super Lotto 6/49.

Malaysia and Indonesia

In countries like Indonesia, gambling is strictly banned due to the predominance of the Islamic religion in the territory. The government of this nation has stern laws regarding gambling, and violators are subjected to severe punishment. Meanwhile, gambling is only regulated in Malaysia, with non-Muslims only allowed to play. 

Malaysia only allows some forms of betting games, such as lotteries and horse racing, under the Lotteries Act of 1952, while it prohibits online casinos and sports betting. The legal lotteries in Malaysia are Magnum 4D, Sports Toto, and Da Ma Cai lotteries. 

Tips on lottery betting in Asia

If you are planning to visit a country in Southeast Asia and wish to play the lottery, make sure that you have reviewed the policies and statutes in that country. In summary, lotteries are allowed in Singapore and the Philippines and regulated in Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia. Meanwhile, any form of gambling activity is deemed illegal in Indonesia. 

State lotteries are generally used as compensation for most territories in the world that have strict gambling policies. As a form of precaution, we highly suggest that you do research online before visiting a country.