December 8, 2021

UEFA Champions League 2021-22: Possible Premiership Rule Presents ‘Nightmare Scenario’

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Every premiership title during UEFA Champions League matches that teams fight for is important, but in the Scottish Premiership, things are heating up more. This season proves to be bigger than most because of the offer of a ‘huge financial windfall’ for the winning teams of the competition.

In their recent games, Heart, Celtic, and Rangers have been performing remarkably to become the Premiership champions. Another significant reason behind playing for the Championship this season is for the outright honors of becoming part of the glitziest football live matches in Europe—the UEFA Champions League.

The Rules, As It Stands

The current Scottish champions to emerge out of their Premiership could find themselves qualified outright for the 2022-23 edition of the Champions League. The winners will also be selected to take part in the group competitions of the UEFA League, along with a fat paycheck worth £40M just for winning.

That’s just one of the scenarios. Another possible event that might happen is the players would instead go into a play-off instead of qualifying for the group rounds. This battle would be a two-leg contest and the UEFA coefficient would play in the selection of participants to go into the group stages.

Carrying the Torch

The Scottish Premiership has been climbing up in quality in recent years, thanks to the performances of clubs like the Rangers and Celtic. These clubs also helped to make the country of Scotland climb up the world rankings. The country currently finds itself 11th in a number of other countries, thanks to the exploits of their domestic clubs.

This is such a huge deal because it shows that their efforts to go outright into the Champions League group stage isn’t just for naught. At the end of the day, it falls on UEFA to give all top 10 nations places within the rankings. This also includes teams from the four major European leagues.

How the Scenarios Stand

The scenarios play out in the likeliest way possible with the big four—England, Germany, Italy, and Spain—winning the cup. It’s traditionally hard for teams in the Scottish Premiership table to proceed to the Last Dance, so to speak, with these leagues in their way.

Winners of the UEFA Champions League usually have no trouble qualifying via the domestic league route. The last time this happened—something that 12BET Asia sports analysts know well—was when Chelsea FC failed to qualify during the 2011-12 season. The group stages are still there for the Premiership title runners, but it’s not going to be easy, certainly.

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