December 8, 2021

FIFA World Cup 2022: Updates on Qualified World Cup Teams

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With the official start of the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifiers having been passed, all eyes are on the kickoff in Qatar, which is still a year away. This early, however, most of the favorites have already punched their ticket on a wild ride in the World Cup’s group rounds.

There are some 13 countries that are already slotted out of the 32 still vying for position in the fixtures. Some of them may have gotten through easily, but even the World Cup isn’t without some drama. There are those struggling to make it to the group rounds while others may have managed to move just an inch closer.

Some Familiar Names Making Their Mark

Most of the traditional powers-that-be in the World Cup games have already made their presence felt. 12BET BTi Sport betting analysts aren’t shocked that France, the defending champion, is already qualified, along with the likes of Belgium and other powerhouses.

There are those that would say Belgium is the world powerhouse now, but England, Germany, and Spain have something to say about it; all of these countries have already qualified. Some powerhouses from South America are also making their presence felt–Brazil and Argentina are also qualified as well.

Some Name Still To Appear

These teams have already secured their slot in the group stages but some countries are notably absent. Italy and Portugal have yet to reach the group rounds, both of whom have to go through the cumbersome process of playoff rounds. It’s something they need to complete if they want to make another round of World Cup appearances.

In other parts, raring to make the football match scores interesting during the group stages are teams from Asia and the Middle East like South Korea and Saudi Arabia. The United States will surely be an interesting team to watch during the group stages, while Mexico’s future is a little uncertain at the moment.

In Other Parts of the World

A surprising revelation this year are teams who went through the wringer playing the respective World Cup Qualifiers matches in their region. The African region entrants are wild cards, with any team there capable of giving the traditional powers a run for their money. Oceania still has a long way to go to qualify because there are situations (COVID-19) that are making matters complicated for them.

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