December 1, 2021

FIFA World Cup 2022: Three Countries In and Three Needing to Qualify

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There was a time before when countries were uncertain of holding the FIFA World Cup or joining this year’s competition, but that doesn’t seem to be the case now. The World Cup live match has moved on with countries like Spain, Croatia, and Serbia moving through.

While that may be the case, there are other FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifiers that have yet to be played as well as other countries needing playoffs to reach the stages in Qatar. Russia, Portugal, and Sweden are all seeking qualification through such a route.

The Route to the Championship

Portugal certainly didn’t have any guaranteed berth in the World Cup, evident in their match against Serbia. Aleksandar Mitrovic was the man of the moment as he scored at the 90th minute for Serbia’s 2-1 win, leaving Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal to contest their fates in a playoff. Serbia also qualified for the Qatar World Cup like this.

Portugal, meanwhile, will have to try and make it to the World Cup in a four-team bracket playoff in March. No team will have an easy time qualifying for the World Cup, while the ones that did also provided plenty of drama for the competition.

All The Drama of the Qualifiers

Spain’s game against Sweden was technically laid out—all it needed was a draw. However, player Alvaro Morata made sure that Spain would qualify, taking a goal in the 86th minute and making sure not to leave the result as fodder for 12BET odds makers and analysts.

Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic will also have to find a way to get to the World Cup via the playoff. Croatia also dashed Russia’s plans to make it to the World Cup through the easy way, forcing an own goal for the country in a drama-filled and action-packed match.

The Playoffs As It Stands

While Croatia, Serbia, and Spain are through to the group stages of the world competition, Sweden, Russia, and Portugal will need to compete in the playoffs. It will begin on March 24, with 12 teams–10 group runner-up and two Nations League performers–competing for four available berths.

The football match live score would be exciting as only one team from each group will go through. The draws for the teams included in the playoffs will happen on November 26 in Zurich.

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