December 1, 2021

Everything you need to know about this summer’s UEFA Euro 2020

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In less than three week before the tournament commence, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) and the national teams are all set in finalizing the preparations for the pandemic-postponed European Championships. The Euro 2020 football matches will be held in the wake of pandemic, with scaled-down fans allowed in the stands. Here’s everything you need to know about the Euro 2020:


The UEFA has allowed the 26-man squad for the Euro 2020 football matches, instead of the standard 23, to ease the load on players after a shortened pre-season due to COVID-19 pandemic. The recommendation from the UEFA’s national teams committee will also give head coaches flexibility in case of pandemic-related emergencies. Final squads must be submitted to UEFA by June 1.


In 2019, the qualifying campaign saw 20 teams guarantee their spot in the competitions while the final four was decided by play-offs last year. Here are the Groups and the teams included in each group: 

Group A: Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales

Group B: Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Russia

Group C: Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, North Macedonia

Group D: England, Croatia, Scotland, Czech Republic

Group E: Spain, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia

Group F: Hungary, Portugal, France, Germany


Last month, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) confirmed the finals hosts of the pandemic-postponed European Championships, with Bilbao and Dublin stripped-off of its rights because they could not guarantee the presence of fans at the stadiums. Wembley in London will now host a round-of-16 match initially placed in Dublin, while Seville replaces Bilbao as host city. 

The 24-team tournament will take place from June 11 to July 11 in 2021 at the 11 confirmed hosts that commit to a number of fans in the stadiums:  Amsterdam (12,000), London (22,500), Munich (14,500), Rome (18,000), Seville (19,000), Baku (34,000), St Petersburg (34,000), Budapest (67,000), Bucharest (13,000), Glasgow (13,000) and Copenhagen (12,000).


Group A

June 11: Turkey vs Italy (Rome)

June 12: Wales vs Switzerland (Baku)

June 16: Turkey vs Wales (Baku), Italy vs Switzerland (Rome)

June 20: Italy vs Wales (Rome), Switzerland vs Turkey (Baku)

Group B

June 12: Denmark vs Finland (Copenhagen); Belgium vsRussia (St Petersburg)

June 16: Finland vs Russia (St Petersburg)

June 17: Denmark vs Belgium (Copenhagen)

June 21: Finland vs Belgium (St Petersburg)

June 28: 2D vs 2E (Round of 16, Copenhagen)

July 2: Winner 6 vs Winner 5 (Quarter-finals 1, St Petersburg)

Group C

June 13: Austria vs North Macedonia (Bucharest), Netherlands vs Ukraine (Amsterdam)

June 17: Ukraine vs North Macedonia (Bucharest), Netherlands vs Austria (Amsterdam)

June 21: North Macedonia vs Netherlands (Amsterdam), Ukraine vs Austria (Bucharest)

June 26: 2A vs 2B (Round of 16, Amsterdam)

June 28: 6: 1F vs 3A/B/C (Round of 16, Bucharest)

Group D

June 13: England vs Croatia (London)

June 14: Scotland vs Czech Republic (Glasgow)

June 18: Croatia vs Czech Republic (Glasgow), England vs Scotland (London)

June 22: Czech Republic vs England (London), Croatia vs Scotland (Glasgow)

June 26: 1A vs 2C (Round of 16, London)

July 6: Winner QF2 vs Winner QF1 (Semi-final, London)

July 7: Winner QF4 vs Winner QF3 (Semi-final, London)

July 11: Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2 (Final, London)

Group E

June 14: Poland vs Slovakia (St Petersburg), Spain vs Sweden (Seville)

June 18: Sweden vs Slovakia (St Petersburg)

June 19: Spain vs Poland (Seville)

June 23: Slovakia vs Spain (Seville), Sweden vs Poland (St Petersburg)

June 27: 1B vs 3A/D/E/F (Round of 16, London)

June 29: 1D vs 2F (Round of 16, London)

Group F

June 15: Hungary vs Portugal (Budapest), France vs Germany (Munich)

June 19: Hungary vs France (Budapest), Portugal vs Germany (Munich)

June 23: Germany vs Hungary (Munich), Portugal vs France (Budapest)

June 27: 1C vs 3D/E/F (Round of 16, Budapest)


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