September 27, 2021

Prospecting for Wins with 12Quartz Bonanza Gold

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The gold rush in the Wild, Wild West seems to have inspired the modern-day gold rush when playing in a casino. Whatever your rush is, you have a chance to find it in the 12Quartz game Bonanza Gold, another excellent online slot game from Pragmatic Play.

It’s got all the elements of an old-school gold rush. From prospector’s picks to dynamite, we’ll see whether this online slot has struck gold. There are also other elements and gameplay that we’ll take a look at, and then we’ll be deciding whether it’s one of the better slots to play.

First Things First: The Gameplay

To strike gold in this online slot, you have to match eight or more symbols on the reel. That’s how prizes come erupting out of the ground or how you unearth the so-called Golden Jackpot in the game. You also don’t need to line up symbols on the reels, which means an easier time finding prizes.

That’s only one of the ways to win in this 12BET casino slot online. Bonanza Gold can accommodate both small-time players and high-stakes bettors. The play bet multiplier goes from a low of 2x to a high of 100x or more. You can potentially get a return of 21,000x your bet, if you’re super lucky on the reels.

Painting Pretty Pictures of Wins

If you’re going to line up wins, then you’ll need to get familiar with the symbols in the game. There are a variety of precious gems for the prospecting player to collect. There are also 30 positions on the reels where they could land, so there’s a lot of chances to win in this game.

You’ll want to roll the rubies again and again, as they are the top paying symbol. The amethysts, sapphires, and poker cards are also some symbols you should get, but they make up the mid- to low-paying symbols.

Does it Go for Gold?

The good thing about this 12BET game is that it takes on all comers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a high stakes roller or a casual player, you’ll still get your fair share of prizes. You can choose your stake and still win big if you’re lucky, which makes this online reel a winner.

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