Play all Red Tiger and Big Time Gaming slot to win Cash Bombs

12BET, Asia’s trusted and leading sportsbook and online casino provider is here to provide another exciting promotion for its players worldwide with Explosion of Cash Bombs by playing slot games under Red Tiger and Big Time Gaming. Follow for more Slot Online reviews here!

How to Win

Asia’s leading sportsbook and online casino platform has always been loyal to its players, so giving an exciting promotion while playing slot games for fun and for potential extra profit, 12BET extended its gratitude and utmost happiness in this exclusive promotion. Below is the promo mechanics that you can follow:

  1. Play on All Red Tiger Gaming and Big Time Gaming.
  2. There are four weeks rounds for Cash drop during this promotion period.
  3. The Cash Drop consists of 4,400 prizes worth MYR 105,000 which will be given to players on a weekly basis within the promotion period.
  4. Qualified members will continue to be eligible for prizes in the next period.
  5. Winners will be announced in the week after the promo within3 working days at 16:00 pm (GMT+8)

Terms and Conditions

  • This Cash Bomb promotion is welcome exclusively to all 12BET members
  • This promotion started already on February 1, 2023, and will conclude on February 28, 2023.
  • All Qualified Members of 12BET will continue to be eligible for prizes in the next period.
  • If there are two or more players with identical scores indicated in the tournament leaderboard, the players who scored first will get the higher position. 
  • Winners will be announced in the week after the promo within three working days.
  • Any winnings received as part of this promotion is not subjected to any withdrawal requirement and winners are free to use the winning amount to bet it on any 12BET products.
  • 12BET and Red Tiger/Big Time Gaming reserves the rights to amend, suspend or cancel the promotion at any time for a player or all players.
  • Visit 12BET Standard Promotion Terms and Conditions as this promotion is subject under this condition.

You may also visit the Promotion Details about this 12BET Exclusive Promotion to know the table for prizes that awaits you.

Final Thoughts

This promotion certifies 12BET as one of the best, if not, the best Online Casino platform in Asia and partly in Europe and the World that promotes and provides fun, excitement, and more chances of earning profit to its players. Through Cash Bombs it advocates players to try all slot games produced by Red Tiger and Big Time Gaming as it offers reliable, safe, and budget friendly gambling. 

Where to play

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