NBA: Russell Westbrook to sign with Clippers after Jazz buyout

It’s officially confirmed that the 2017 NBA MVP is heading back to the Los Angeles area as he will sign with the Clipper after Utah Jazz buyout, looking for another chance for an NBA Playoffs and Championship contention.

This season, he played a total of 52 games and is averaging 15.9 points, six rebounds, 7.5 assists, and a steal per game. He still provides solid stats off the bench, but his inefficient shooting, poor defense, and a bad fit next LeBron James and Anthony Davis were a huge problem for the Los Angeles Lakers. The locker room drama also added to Westbrook’s sudden decline, as James publicly expressed his desire for the team to trade the former MVP – the recent was the Kyrie Irving trade which the Lakers failed to fulfill. For NBA All Star 2023 fresh update here!

Despite the issues and setbacks in Westbrook’s one and half year stay with the Los Angeles Lakers, the Clippers are still willing to give him another opportunity. Paul George even stated his desire and sentiments of bringing Westbrook, “I mean if there’s, you know, somebody out there – Russel,” Paul George said. “If it makes sense and obviously it goes with our team, we’re all for it. You know, we need a point guard. But you know, [at] the same [time], I think we’re good as well. If nothing happened, we got enough in this locker room to be able to make it work.

But it would definitely improve our team if we had that traditional point guard to kind of get us in things and make the game easy. So hopefully Russell sees this and we figure something out.”

The current starting lineup of the Los Angeles Clippers consists of Terance Mann, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, Marcus Morris Sr., and Ivica Zubac. This five-man group is quite working well with a pul-14.8 net rating as the Clippers are currently in the fourth seed in the West with a 33-28 record. Although Terance Mann played a position out of his natural capability, this starting five is working well and impressive. So, inserting Westbrook into the starting lineup in order to have just a pure point guard would possibly create mistakes and will affect their great run along the way.

The best fit that Clippers should have signed and instead of Westbrook to maneuver the second unit is either Eric Gordon or Bones Hyland who had a great experience playing off the bench. Currently, Terance Mann is far more efficient and better player than Westbrook and Norman Powell is a great facilitator for the second unit, so adding Westbrook on the stacked Clippers lineup will create another dilemma when it comes to team chemistry and fit.

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