LOL Esports teams Draw results for World Championship 2022

The League of Legends World Championship (also known as Worlds) conducted its group stage draw for its 2022 edition last September 11. You may check for more LOL Esports teams here!

There will be a total of 24 teams qualified for the Worlds and will be split into two. There will be 12 teams that need to participate in the play-ins and the other 12 will secure a draw in the group stage. The 24 qualified teams will compete in this annual event by Riot Games for the 70 pound Summoners Cup and a multi-million dollar cash prize. Last year, Edward Gamings based in Shanghai, China took home the Summoner’s Cup after beating the Damwon Kia in the finals 3-2. While the most titles is the T1 from South Korea which they lift the Summoner’s Cup for three times. You may visit 12bet for live score and analysis on other online gaming tournaments.

Worlds 2022 will kick off in several locations in the US and one in Mexico. It will begin on September 29 at Artz Pedregal in Mexico City, Mexico, and will conclude on October 5. 

The group stage draw rules of Worlds 2022 is quite amazing as it tries to make each group and play-ins as competitive as possible by avoiding the teams in the same region to be drawn in the same group. Riot Games will hold on the specific team and draw it to another group. 

China’s club LOL teams dominated the past two World Championships with FunPlus Phoenix winning the title in 2019 and Edward Gamings in 2021. This year, the current 2021 World Champion Edward Gamings will have a tough group stage as they will face two strong opponents in the three time World Champion T1 and the Los Angeles based Cloud9 in the Group A of Worlds 2022. 

The most accomplished regions in the Worlds are LCK (League of legends Champions Korea) with six titles, five finals appearances, and six third to fourth place finishes, and LPL (League of Legends Pro League) of China claimed three titles, three runner-ups, and five third to fourth place finishes. It is expected that still South Korean and Chinese club teams will be the contending teams and have the highest odds of taking home the Summoner’s Cup.

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