December 4, 2021

TenZ steps down from Cloud9’s Valorant roster, retires from competitive scene

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In a shocking move early this week, Valorant’s most recognized player Tyson “TenZ” Ngo has stepped down from Cloud9’s Valorant team and announced retirement from competitive scene to pursue content creation. However, TenZ reveals that he is still supporting the competitive scene and hinted a potential return when COVID-19 ends.

“As of right now and going forward, I’m going to be stepping down from the Cloud9 Blue team to pursue content creation,” TenZ said in Cloud9’s farewell video posted on Twitter. “Stepping down from the team is a personal choice of mine. I’m just going to be doing content creation until maybe COVID’s up and then I’ll kind of re-decide what I want to do when there’s LANs and stuff like that.”

TenZ added during a Twitch stream that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the move to home-based competitive play are major reasons in his decision to step back from competitive play. “I’d say for me, COVID is probably one of the things that’s making it hard for me to stay playing a professional player online. Just because I play with 60 ping and everyone else has sub-30 or sub-40,” he said.

TenZ first started off his eSports career in 2017 on Valve’s popular tactical shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He joined Cloud9’s CS:GO team in 2019, before moving over to Valorant in April of 2020. The 19-year-old retired from CS:GO competitive scene in early 2020 while waiting for Riot to launch Valorant.

In the early days of the Valorant beta, TenZ was the first player to reach the Valorant rank, which is now known as Radiant. He was also the first player Cloud9 signed for its Valorant roster. He then garnered a 1st place finish in Elite Esports – Rivalry Bowl tournament. He also had a solid outing as he was able to capture 2nd and 3rd place finishes in A-tier and B-tier tournaments.

The current Cloud9 roster consists of mitch, vice, and Relyks, with JamezIRL serving as head coach. The original member of #C9BLUE @TenZ_CS has elected to step down from the team and competitive @PlayVALORANT to pursue content creation” Cloud9 posted on Twitter. “Thank you for all you’ve contributed to Cloud9 competitively – time to watch you shine in content!”

“Hope everyone can support me in this decision. During this time while I am off the team, I will be dedicating it towards my personal stream/YouTube to produce some more content,” the professional player later said on his personal Twitter account. “I’ll come back to competitive play when I see the time is right. Until next time everyone!”