December 8, 2021

Free Fire will have Attack on Titan crossover event

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The most downloaded esports game mobile in 2020 and named with the accolade “Esports Mobile Game of the Year” at the The Esports Awards 2020, Free Fire, will be having an Attack on Titan crossover event.


Free Fire is a battle royale game developed by leading game developer Garena, and available to download on both the Apple iOS App Store and Google Play store.


The esports mobile game reached over 100 million daily active users at its peak while also setting a new record for itself when 2.5 million concurrent viewers tuned in to watch the Free Fire Continent Series on YouTube.


On YouTube, the game racked up 72 billion views in 2020 alone, bringing its lifetime total up to 100 billion on the platform.


Garena’s Free Fire has formed several partnerships from last year, one of which was with football star Cristiano Ronaldo, who now appears as an in-game character called Chronos. Garena has also teamed up with Netflix’s Money Heist television series.


Free Fire is now collaborating with Kodansha, the Japanese manga and anime house responsible for one of the world’s captivating modern dark fantasy anime Attack on Titan.


It also builds on Garena’s strategy to elevate experience for Free Fire players by partnering with some of the world’s most prominent names. The crossover event will go live in March.


“Free Fire players can soon battle in the style of one of the world’s most captivating modern dark fantasy anime – Attack on Titan. The series has captured the imagination of many worldwide with its unique and immersive narratives; we’re excited to bring this over into the world of Free Fire,” said Harold Teo, Free Fire Producer at Garena.


Free Fire’s partnership with Attack on Titan will give players the opportunity to get their hands on content inspired by the series once the collaboration goes live in March.


Fans of Attack on Titan can also look forward to being one of Levi’s squad as players can wear the colours of the Survey Corps division, as well as costumes inspired by the fearsome man-eating Titans.

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