December 3, 2021

Turn Your Losses into Gold with 12Quartz’ The Hand of Midas

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Another favorite of online slots to cover are myths that have become part of human literature. One popular subject is the story of King Midas, which made its way into the Pragmatic Play live casino list, becoming The Hand of Midas.

The story of King Midas on the slots is a 3-row online slot with 5 reels for you to make your jackpots on. Here’s a quick look at this 12BET game. Is there something really special in it to make it a favorite? We’ll be taking a look at the basics and the bonuses from the developer and from 12BET.

A Basic Look at the Hand of Midas

This online slot game, which features the tragic tale of the Minoan king who asked for too much, is set as a 3-row, 5-reel online slot machine. Players can land a winning combination through matching 3, 4, or 5 identical symbols on the online reels.

The RTP of this online slot stands at 96.54%. That’s a pretty high return-to-player clip for a Pragmatic Play slot. What is standard and something that this online casino game shares with other 12Quartz slots of its caliber is the single jackpot. A really lucky player stands to make 5000x their total bet in the club.

Wins Whether You Win or Lose

There are many bonuses for the 12Quartz club and if you choose to play any of the excellent 12Quartz games, you stand to receive this as well—a cashback for your deposits, whether you are on a win streak or the other way around. There seems to be no way to lose in 12BET!

You have to fill up the promo page with your valid details when asked. Press SUBMIT to confirm your account, then place as many bets as you can during the promotion period. This is valid to do on any slot machine in the 12BET clubs that are covered by the promo.

Does It Really Turn Everything to Gold?

In the tale, the king tragically turns his daughter into gold. This 12BET review finds that the Hand of Midas falls a bit short in jackpots where it dominates on the graphics. If you want to try it out and have any problems, you can contact the 12BET live chat support but, otherwise, it’s an excellent game for starters and casuals!

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