January 25, 2022

Recovering Lost Treasures in Jackpots in 12Emerald’s Atlantis Cash Collect

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The fate of the semi-fictional lost city of Atlantis still holds a great part of the public’s imagination. A lot of people are thinking that the civilization was super-advanced, even by today’s standards, but that wasn’t enough to keep it from imploding. While that isn’t the premise of the Atlantis: Cash Collect Playtech slot machine online, it’s still the intended message.

Instead of an advanced civilization, the slot focuses on the myth to make winning jackpots more fun. Just how modern can this online slot machine be? We’ll take a look at the basics of this slot as well as the combined prizes from it from 12BET and the developer.

Enjoy a 12Emerald Exclusive Cashback

First things first: if you’re playing in 12Emerald, know that you can enjoy a significant cashback incentive! You can enjoy anywhere from a 0.2% rate up to a 0.6%! All you have to do is to make sure your 12Emerald Asia casino account is well-stocked and prepared to play any time.

If you’re also prepared to play big, you could enjoy 10% to 20% of your cash back. The more live games you play, the more cashbacks you can earn. Do remember that all your accumulated bets in Playtech casinos get calculated into your account. Isn’t that convenient?

On to Recovering the Treasures of the Sunken City

Here’s what you can expect from the reels.

From what we saw in gameplay, this is perhaps one of the most feature-rich games from the 12Emerald stable. You’ve got the soundtrack setting you up for what could be a thematic time winning jackpots. You also have your standard symbols like the God of the Sea, Poseidon, who is also the highest-paying regular icon.

Watch out for the Wild Trident which can substitute for other symbols to help create wins for you. You can also play this on the go; it’s fully optimized for play on various devices, meaning that wherever you may be, you can sate your casino playing appetite.

The Verdict for the Game

This game isn’t too complicated to master; our online slot machine reviews found that even beginners will be able to make something here on the average side. The Cash Collect feature is front and center, and if you’re looking for an online slot to begin playing, this could be that online slot machine.

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