December 1, 2021

Join the adventure and win with Thor Arcade Game

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Marvel’s Thor movie franchise is a huge success and one of the most powerful Avenger himself is loved by many. He originally came from the Norse mythology as the God of Thunder. Now, a fun and exciting arcade game powered by Gameplay Interactive will feature the adventure of one of the most loved superheroes and characters, Thor.

How to play:

Thor is a 12-character, 3-side bet arcade game that will let you accompany the most loved hero in this journey to defeat the forces of evil. To play, simply place a bet on one or more of the 12 symbols or the face of the 4 characters in three colors (Green, Yellow, Red), while the side bet symbols (Player, Banker, Tie). Each symbol has a corresponding multiplier. You can choose from 1 to 100 coins to place and win the multiplied amount once the bet matches the result of the draw.

You will wait for 25 seconds until the game starts. Within that time period, you have to decide which symbol you will put your bet on because as soon as the game starts you will not have the option to undo your last bet and/or add another bet. Once you bet is final and complete, just click on the “Submit” button to register your bet and wait until the game starts.

When the game starts, a light will go around the tiles and as the light stops on the same symbol you place your bet on, you will win the corresponding multiplier. Meanwhile, the side bet reel will end on a symbol and if you bet on the correct symbol, you will win the side bet multiplier. This arcade game is very easy to play, and good news because winning comes easy as well!

The display features and animation is impressive, while the high definition sound and motion graphics adds excitement and fun to players, while generating winnings as the main feature of the game. It doesn’t have a lot of bonus features, but the amount of winnings is very massive. The bonus round itself can also double or even triple your winnings.


The bonus round is very simple to achieve. There are three boss reel symbols in the game: Giant Ogre, Devil Girl and Dark Lord. Each symbol has a corresponding reward that is selected randomly if you win this feature. If the boss reels stop with the matching characters, you will trigger the Battle Mode. Thor and the boss reel character will engage in a battle and if Thor wins, the random selected prize will be unlocked. Another way to trigger this feature is during the game, if the light lands on a battle zone, the characters will enter the battle mode.

Hit or Miss:

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