December 8, 2021

iSoftBet Secrets of the Sorcerer

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If you were a kid who grew up in the 80s and was fortunate enough to have a video game console of that era, then we envy you. But then, you’re grown up and perhaps thinking, ‘is there a 12BET slot that can bring back the experience of playing the games I grew up with?’

There is one entrant that is yet to make itself worthy to be a must-play, but good-looking enough to catch our attention. Let’s take a look at Secrets of the Sorcerer, a casino slot that features 16-bit symbols and a literal blast from the past. Let’s get to it then.

Betting Big on Nostalgic Feels

There was a time when video games competed for the attention of players through their storyline rather than through flashy graphics and all that stuff. This is exactly what this attractive 12Quartz casino slot is gunning for. It brings back the memories of countless nights spent playing point-and-click adventures that are rich in storyline. 

On the gameplay side, you’ve got a 5×3, 25 pay line reel to work with. The symbols, aside from stylized card suit symbols, feature a Wizard, a pendant, a feather, and a Dragon. The Bonus symbol here appears to be a green Potion, no doubt a work by the Wizard himself.

A Bonus on Your First Try

If this is also your first time to try this 12Quartz slot out, then you’re in luck! You can get a 100% bonus even if you don’t win anything—but that would be sweeter if you’re on a roll, isn’t it? To get that bonus, you only need to make a fresh deposit to the casino club of your choice.

Let’s say that your casino club is 12Quartz. Once you’ve completed your top-up into your 12Quartz wallet, you can use the “CLAIM NOW” button and fill in the deposit slip. The bonus will be credited almost instantly into your account upon confirmation and processing of your deposit. It’s that simple!

More Than the Nostalgia

iSoftBet was gunning on most players being people who were born during the time of pixel games playing this game. However, there is a slight possibility that it won’t appeal to people who were born at the time of the graphical revolution.

More than the nostalgia, people playing this and other similar casino slots online will be pleased to know it’s one of the higher scoring slots out there. At a possible jackpot of 6,714x your bet, you have all the time in the world to try Secrets of the Sorcerer out!

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