December 8, 2021

Expect the Unexpected with 12Topaz’ Jurassic World Raptor Riches

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The movie Jurassic World filled in a lot for the nostalgia that 90s kids had for Jurassic Park. As it seems that fascination with dinosaurs and the dangers that they pose to humans hasn’t waned, and it may be why the developer decided to use this Microgaming slots theme for their latest online slot.

Travel back to the infamous island in Jurassic World Raptor Riches. We’ll be dwelling on mostly the bonuses and a few basics in this review. Is it enough for this game to have all these bonuses, as well as the standard 12BET bonus, for it to become a part of your online slot machine playlist? Let’s see.

The Basics—What You Get from the Start

It is an officially licensed product of the film’s production house, meaning it’s got more than just the basics. As for that, though, you have your standard 3 rows and 5 reels, as well as the 243 ways to win. You have a chance at a winning combination by creating 3 to 4 matching symbols on the reels, starting from the first row.

You also get a standard RTP of 95.45% and a max win that stands at around 14,166x your bet. That might also stand in for the low RTP. Claire, Vic, Owen, and Simon are on the reels, as well as the real stars of the show–the dinosaurs. Expect the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, and the unnatural Indominus to appear at any time.

The Bonuses from 12BET

There are many bonuses you can get from 12BET but, perhaps, the best bonus that goes hand in hand with the 12Topaz casino would be the Lucky Friday Winners! Spin the slots every Friday and watch as 1,212 lucky winners get the chance to receive more spins than they know what to do with.

If your luck holds, then you’ll be informed of your winning once you enter the 12BET platform. Click on that notification to receive your lucky Free Spins. Remember that this must be used immediately. It needs to be used or else, when Friday ends, you’ll have to wait until the next to play this promo.

Made For the Jurassic World Lovers

There are a lot of people who love the Jurassic World franchise and Microgaming may have hit gold with this casino online game platform. If you don’t care much about the low RTP and want the big wins, as well as a genuine feeling of running away from the dangers of the Park, play this slot machine!

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