December 4, 2021

Dream journey with 12Star experience attractive gateways

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There are people who love playing casinos at the comfort of their own home. While they consider themselves experts, perhaps they like the solitude and the relative silence compared to the many sights and sounds of a conventional casino. It might be that silence makes them perform better.

But there are those who loves the experience of playing for bigger prizes, the same way they might feel when playing in live casinos. If this sounds like you, 12BET is giving you the chance of a lifetime. You can go on the dream vacation or cruise of your choice if you’re as lucky in the slots as you are right here.

Introducing the 12Stars Getaways

First off: to be eligible for the 12Stars program, you have to be a bona fide VIP. Any form of VIP (Dragon, Tiger, Phoenix) will do.

Now, the 12Stars program is a big rewards program from 12BET. This program lets you earn Stars, which can be exchanged for different prizes. The prize breakdown is as follows: If you’re a Dragon VIP, you earn 3 Stars. The Tiger and the Phoenix VIPs gets 2 stars and 1 star, respectively.

With 12Stars, registered members of 12BET stands to get a chance to travel around the world and experience the jet-set lifestyle. Does London appeal to you? What about Hollywood, LA? All of these can be yours if you’re a very active, very busy 12Stars member!

Becoming a 12VIP

The program works a lot if you’re a VIP member. There are also benefits to being a VIP. You get offers which no other members have. Don’t forget about your priority access to various services and games as a VIP member. You’ll also receive a VIP welcome gift, as well as the previously mentioned rewards.

Let’s face it—if you’re an avid player and you want to get the most out of your money when online, it makes sense for you to secure a VIP membership.

The 12VIP and 12Stars Experience

Are the stars in your favor when you play? It’s hard to say, but if you’re a member of the 12VIP club, it surely feels like it. Take a look at the 12VIP benefits and what you could get from the 12Stars rewards program and try it out!

About 12BET

12BET is a trusted bookmaking platform with over 13 years of unparalleled service. We offer the best odds for all sport types. Aside from this we have also carefully chosen some of the world’s best esports, slots and live casino games featuring top-class dealers for your ultimate online gaming experience.