December 1, 2021

Betsoft Specials: Traveling the World of Jackpots in 12Amber’s Return to Paris

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They say that Paris is the place to be for romance and fun. But did you also know that Paris is known for its dangerous but daring heists? Take a look now as we go on a Return to Paris Betsoft and see what exactly there is to be had on the slots to Paris.

We’re also going to take a look at what might differentiate this game from slots by Betsoft that are equally brilliant as well. Is it the promos from 12BET? Is it the many bonuses that can be received when you’re playing this slot? We’re going to search for these features and see if they’re there.

First Things First: The Reel

Let’s get down to business. This is Betsoft’s presentation of the City of Lights and it’s wrapped in a 20-pay line, 5-reel online slot casino. The synopsis is that robbers have successfully stolen treasures and are making off with them. It also seems to hint that the thieves are returning for those that they’ve left.

There are different features here which may be important. You’ve got a whimsical layout of the game and you’ve also got a fun gameplay. There are symbols here to lookout for like the blue Wild box symbol, the Thief as one of the important symbols, and the priceless museum pieces.

More Free Spins? Find That Here

To help the Thief steal more priceless treasures, you’re going to need more free spins. Get that from 12BET’s 400 Free Spin rewards! You can play in any 12BET online casino club of your choice. All you have to do is to be as active as you can in the slots.

Fill up the spaces on the promo page with your required details. Once you’ve submitted these, you have to use whatever free spins you receive by playing in the 12Quartz and 12Amber clubs. You need to use these from Tuesday until the next, as the free spins are refreshed by the next week.

Should You Return to Paris?

Judging from what we’ve experienced, this is one of those 12Amber games which are targeted toward players starting to get their feel of online casinos. It’s also a great game to play if you feel like taking it slow. Get started playing this on any device of your choice!

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