December 8, 2021

Betsoft Specials: Enjoy the Warmth of Jackpots in 12Amber’s Lava Gold

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Time travel is a popular sci-fi trope that very few online slot machines manage to pull off. Betsoft had their hand in it, and they came up with Lava Gold, which may turn out to be one of 12Amber’s best slots. It deals with a trip back in time to the age of dinosaurs.

This online reel might have what you’re looking for in an online slot machine–it might even be that slot machine you want to play for a long time! We’re going to see if there’s something here different from the other online reels, and what combination of bonuses from Betsoft and 12BET makes this unique.

The Slot at its Very Core

Here is the basics of the slot: it has 5×5 lines and is filled with icons from an ancient period in time. You have your card suit symbols but also dinosaurs and their eggs, exotic, primitive forms of life, and volcanoes ready to erupt at any time.

The Betsoft casinos slot also has a RTP of 96.02%. As for the features, you have your basic Free Spins as well as Cluster Wins. To get the free spins, you’ll have to trigger them by filling up the Lava Meter, which is located to the right. You also need to get 5 matching symbols or more to trigger the Clusters.

Getting More Free Spins

Free Spins lovers will love what promo 12BET has in store for them. Receive a Weekly Reward of 400 Free Spins just bby choosing to play on the platforms of 12Quartz and 12Amber! Receive anywhere from 10 up to 200 free spins just by choosing.

All you have to do is to fill in your valid details when asked. Once you’re ready, click on the Submit button and check on your account. You can play the game online or on your 12BET mobile login-powered app. Try to finish this by next Tuesday, as the server resets the Free Spins on this date.

Worth Going Back in Time For?

This already has a place in 12Amber’s online slot machines bonus games if only for the graphics, animations, and superb attention to detail. However, payouts may be disappointing for big game hunters. If you’re looking for a pay day at the reels, there are other excellent Betsoft-12Amber slots you can look at!

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