December 1, 2021

Betsoft Specials: A Properous Holiday with 12Amber’s Caishen’s Arrival

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What better 12Amber games with free spins online slots to pick than one that involves the Chinese God of Wealth himself? There are many such online slots that focus on the mythology of a certain culture. In this one, the Chinese pantheon of gods is front and center.

Caishen’s Arrival features the Chinese God of Wealth, but is it an online slot that will help you gain as much as you can in bonuses? Take a look at this online slot’s gameplay and see for yourself, as well as the promos connected to it, and decide whether it’s also blessed by the God of Wealth.

A Different Distribution of Wealth

To be fair, there are a lot of slots which feature the Chinese God of Wealth but this promises to be ‘different’. Betsoft developed this game in late 2019 and it also comes with a lower RTP than most Betsoft big win slots or demos. This one has a betting line starting from $0.05 up to $5.

It’s a 5-reel, 25 pay line online game and it also gives you a 10,000x multiplier. Most of these symbols have been present in games that have a similar theme, but this slot gives you Caishen as a Wild symbol. Get a stack of him on the middle reel and enjoy a free respin.

Getting Something for Your Special Day

If you’re raring to get a jackpot on your special day, it’s a great way to celebrate it with the God of Wealth over at 12BET! You can receive as many free spins as you’ve been praying for at the 12BET casino while using any lucky charm you have been given–it’s your birthday after all.

You can have as much as 68 free spins, depending on whether you’ve deposited many credits using your 12BET details in the previous month. You also enjoy as much as a 68% bonus on your special day. That’s just a few reasons to celebrate your birthday on the 12BET platform!

Back to Playing

If you’ve been gone from playing online slots for a bit of a long time, Caishen Arrives may be one of the slot cash casino games you can try out. You have your 10,000x multiplier and your 95.74% RTP. If you’re having a bit of a doubt, you can still have an okay round with a 180x multiplier.

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