January 25, 2022

Betsoft Classics: Winning is Like Gold in 12Amber’s Golden Horns

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When someone said “You mess with the bull, you get the horns”, they didn’t count on someone else messing with a Golden Bull. But clearly, that may be different online slots for another time, because we’re talking about the Golden Horns online slot game here.

This new online slot machine is developed using Betsoft software. It’s also a celebration-themed slot, honoring the entry of the Chinese year of the Ox. While that may have passed, it’s still worth playing. We’ll look at the basics of this game, as well as any bonuses tied-up with this online slot game.

Something to remember Before Getting Started on Golden Horns

If you’re itching to start this game, you should hold your horses at first. Remember to sign up for a casino club of your choice on the 12BET platform. Once you do, also remember that the best Betsoft gaming slots also come with an offer for significant bonuses!

Sign up for a 12BET club and make a deposit into your account. Once you’ve made a 12Amber deposit, in this case, go to the promo page and click on the “CLAIM NOW” button to enjoy your 100% bonus from the Welcome Bonus. This amount will also get transferred to your account once deposit is fully confirmed.

On To the 12Amber Game’s Features

There looks to be only one feature in what could be one of 12Amber’s best slots. The feature is of the Golden Ox Wild symbol. It may look underwhelming at first glance, but you’ve got something to look forward to once you know that this also doubles as the game’s multiplier.

Getting three of this symbol entitles you to a x288 multiplier. Aside from that, it’s also a random multiplier on top of a multiplier. You could have your winnings multiplied by x2 up to x88! That’s big, but that’s only if you manage to spin this symbol successfully.

The Verdict of Golden Horns

The online slot machine may look like it’s not much, and it is—there’s only one fixed payline here. However, you should give it a try since there’s a potential x25344 your bet when you win, and this is coupled with a 96.26% RTP. It may even end up being the G.O.A.T of the 12bet online slot app casino roster.

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