December 4, 2021

A Hold & Win Classic: Striking It Rich with Western Gold Megaways Hold & Win

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The Wild West had a surprising uptick with the arrival of men in search of their fate. These were men down on their luck, ex-soldiers, and just people who were allured by the prospects of starting anew. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through that just to win in iSoftBet Games’ Western Gold Megaways: Hold & Win.

It’s another game from the developer that follows the Megaways Hold & Win system. There are also other things that separate it from the normal games you might be used to. Let’s take a look at these and focus on the simple things, like what the Megaways system is and how the bonuses make it pop out.

The Megaways System

If you’re looking at this online slot and see the ‘Megaways’ label, know that it’s a system designed for the game. It works by having like a RNG code on the symbols appearing on the reels. You can receive a total of two symbols to as high as seven at any given time, thanks to online slot machines like this.

This changes the volatility and everything in the slot machine. The Megaways system does not take away from the standard rating of 95.98% return-to-player. It helps the game become more unpredictable and exciting, while giving players the chance to go home with a jackpot from the 64 ways made to create winnings.

Added Bonuses for the Game

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Back to the Game—Play or Nay?

There’s many things to love in this listing and not just the 12BET link leading you to the promo page. The Wild West theme here is properly done, with all the symbols present on the reels. If you’re quite unsure, then you can try it out for free first, before you start playing at the 12Quartz club over at 12BET.

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