December 1, 2021

12Topaz Oni Hunter review

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Microgaming has been known for their slots that aren’t just made for the casino. At first glance, some of them can even pass for legit RPG games found on most major consoles or the PC. Today’s game to look at is 12Topaz’ Oni Hunter, a casino reel in the style of ancient Japan.

You’ll journey across the reels as you hunt for the elusive Oni, the Japanese demon infamous for causing misfortune to many Japanese lives. Just how entertaining can this game be? We weigh in on the different factors.

Unapologetically Ancient Asian

If you’re a fan of Kung-fu Westerns as well as movies like ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’, then you’ve come to the right slot. The combination of the classic Asian sound, as well as the bamboo backgrounds, gives you the right vibes to feel as if you’re in Ancient Asia, fighting off hordes of barbarian enemies or searching for your demonic foe.

Of course, most of you would come to spin the reels and hit consecutive slots jackpot. The information on the side is very helpful, as it displays what prizes you can win through spinning the wheels of the slot.

A Pro-tip—Hunt the Top Four Features

A gambler’s friend when he’s playing slots is to gather as much Respins as he can. This’ll come in handy when they are trying to rack up win after win. In Oni Hunter, a player should attempt to spin the ‘Pick One’ bonus as much as possible to trigger the prizes.

The treasure symbol gives the players five free spins, and the combat free spins gives them the chance to hit more winning combos. These, combined with the Respin symbol, can help a player gather his winnings in a matter of seconds.

Themed Slots – Yay or Nay?

There are different slots in Microgaming’s stable, and most of these are themed slots. This may cause people who just want to play and win to frown, but it’s a nice touch if you’re bored with the common themes in slot machines.

For a themed slot, the 12BET game Oni Hunter does its job beautifully; it manages to combine winning with enjoying the scenery and the ambience of the game. Try it out if you’re looking for something different to play!

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