December 4, 2021

12Sapphire Sticky Sevens Megaways review – multi

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The number 7 is a regular fixture on casino slots because of its significance in pop lore. It’s connected with luck and the big jackpot – a triple 7 on a Vegas slot reel will usually give you the jackpot, or the equivalent of a sudden windfall of cash in a casino.

Developer Skywind group gained Megaways’ approval for this 12BET listed game. They’ve made the game so that classical reel afficionados can try their luck while enjoying it. If you’re a classical fan yourself, take a look at what Sticky Sevens has to offer.

A Classic All the Way

The graphics in this game makes it one of the most sought-after casino slots online. There’s a lot more in it than the old-school looking traditional fruit slot. Players can get big wins from the Wild multipliers, not to mention free spin upon free spin where the Wilds play a big part as well.

The real focus here, though, is the 6-reel system that Skywind has chosen to highlight, rather than anything else. It’s a classic, alright.

Winning Ways

After focusing on the classics, the developers decided to try out the winning system. Each reel has 2-7 symbols, giving players 1 of 117, 649 ways to win. If you’re lucky enough to spin a winning combination, it could stack until the results are maxed out.

If you want to go for it, you could search for the third scatter. It gives you another chance to go all max on the prizes, and it’s not really that hard to get it—although it could be just a bit challenging, seeing as how you need to line up all six of the reels at one time.

The Final Say

If you’re in for bonuses while enjoying the classics of a traditional online slot machine, then Sticky Sevens is it for you. This 12Sapphire classic gives you the chance to take your fate into your hands with multipliers like the x2 or x3 ones. 

What are you thinking? Do you see yourself making Wild spin after Wild spin and winning it big at the slots? Try Sticky sevens today and see how you can make the Wilds a part of your winning strategy.

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