December 4, 2021

12Sapphire RedBlack Poker review

2 min read

Have you ever wanted to try a new version of something that’s usually a traditional game through and through? If so, then you won’t go wrong with 12BET’s Red Black Poker. Just replace one word there, and it’ll be red-hot—which is what the action in this game is all about. 

What makes the game so unique is that it combines the excitement of a roulette game with that of a player’s usual prowess when playing poker. But that’s not all we’re here for at all. Let’s take a look at the game and decide if it’s one of the better games to play in an online casino, shall we?

The Payout is Real

There’s a lot of reasons why you might want to play Red Black Poker. It might be for the money, or you just wanted to test your luck. Whatever your reason is, you’ll play this 12Sapphire-listed game for the money. Skywind really went all out on this one by making it into a high-payout game.

We’re talking about a 96.78% possible payout for you. When you place a bet, you can start spinning manually or automatically. If you want, you can activate the Turbo Spin mode.

How Hard Is It to Win?

Long-time poker players might find it challenging, but the basics sure don’t make it look like that. During the first stage, you can bet on any color of the three-card flop; red, black, or even mixed. The next step lets you decide what your next step is. You’re dealt two cards to create a poker hand. As in any traditional poker game, the stronger hand wins more.

There are a lot of symbols here, but not so much that it will confuse you. You can win a substantial jackpot if you receive the Green, Card, and Chip symbols. 

Should You Play?

The question here should be ‘why shouldn’t you?’ At a payout of 96.78% and a gameplay that’s familiar with most serious poker online players, then you won’t get into trouble becoming confused with different symbols. Try Red Black Poker today and see if you’ve got what it takes to turn your luck around.

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