December 8, 2021

12Rewards Exclusive Rewards only for 12BET members

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When you’re playing in an online casino, would you expect to be rewarded just for playing? It’s a rare occurrence. While real-world casinos do have promotions and ongoing benefits for their members, often casinos are in it to take your money away from you, not the other way around.

That’s an alien concept with 12BET online casinos, however. While they are in the business of making games challenging and exciting for the player, they’re also grateful enough to give great prizes. Here are a few of what existing 12BET members can expect to receive just for showing or signing up!

There’s a Catch?

However, if you think you need to just be given prizes just for showing, you’re both right and wrong. You’re wrong if you think you should only show up a few days in a week, but if you’re an avid fan of betting, you’re going to be staying for the long haul, right? Or at least show up an hour a day.

There’s a system in 12Rewards where players who are active for a series of days gets points. For instance, if you’re active for 1 to 5 days, you get awarded 5 points. If you’re active for 25 or more days, then you’ll be getting the highest reward of 60 points.

Where to Use These Points

If you’re a very, very active player (constantly gets points for playing) then you’ll have a great time picking from the prizes that’re open for you. The top prizes are various phones—you’ll have a chance at taking home an iPhone 12 Pro Max, a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, a HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro or even a MacBook Air M1.

Even if you only manage 500 points, there’s still a fair share of prizes you can get. Anything from a free Mobile Top Up to Free Bets and Spins can be yours by just showing up to play.

Keep Playing, Keep Winning

It’s simple and easy to get these prizes; you just need to enter when you’re feeling down, or play when you feel like you deserve it after a long day at the office. Who knows? Maybe your luck will extend from getting free gadgets like iPhone to the slot machines!

About 12BET

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