December 8, 2021

12Opal Sugar Smash

2 min read

There are days when playing the same good old game you’re used to just doesn’t do it. People do fall into the cycle of looking for something a little extra and online slots-makers are always happy to provide. The 12Opal game we’re looking at today falls into that category.

A first look at the Genesis Gaming reel Sugar Smash makes it seem so sugary sweet—and we’re hoping the wins are, too. But enough of that, let’s see if this is another slot worth playing.

A Detailed Candy of a Game

Have you ever tasted candy that felt like it was homemade? That’s the kind of flavor that Sugar Smash’s graphics do leave on a gamer’s palate. Sure, it looks basic, especially at the sides, but it does enough to give you a different flavor. The graphics does as much to make you feel like you’re playing something different from other traditional online casino reels that you were used to.

If you’re an expert with candy games similar to this, then you’ll love the 12BET online slot Sugar Smash. There’s a lot of wins to be had in this game.

The Important Things—The Payout

There’s not a lot to dislike if you’ve got an RTP of 97.25%. That’s generous for an online slot. Couple that with a bet line of 50 and a plethora of different choices because of the many pay lines. The more combinations you can land, the greater your chance is to take home more than you can bet.

While it’s generous enough to provide that, sad to say, Sugar Smash doesn’t have a bonus round. That might be a problem with players who would love more bonus rounds than wins on a normal, pay line-decided roll. It does have Free Spins, which might be there in place of the bonuses.

A Final Word

Candy can be addicting and so can this Sugar Smash. Genesis Gaming did go out of their way with this online slots casino game. Aside from making it feel that you’re not playing an online casino game, they’ve also done enough to make you refreshed with the graphics and everything else. Try out the game now and see if it’s something you’ll add to your playlist.

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