December 4, 2021

12Garnet Bom Bom Bot review

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Some people’s idea of trying out something new is to go on their favorite live casino website and play. Some are tired of the traditional tables, though, so they’d want to try something new. For fans of themed games, there are online reels like the 12BET game BomBom Bot.

Does Bomber Man ring a bell? That’s because BomBom Bot appears to have taken inspiration from that game. The bomb-flinging robot could be a distant cousin of that popular video game character. A major difference between that game and this one is how you can win money here, so let’s see how this game fares.

What You’re Getting

When you play the 12Garnet game BomBom Bot, the similarities with other games ends where the big wins begins. The graphics are as good as any of the other themed online casino games, while providing an escape from their rigid traditional designs.

They are also properly designed, as evidenced by how the Spin and Auto-Spin button can be conveniently seen at the bottom. You’ll have no problems choosing either options here.

Some Big Wins on the Way

There are also big wins to make in this game. If you’re lucky during your playthrough, you might happen to spin some Wilds as well as Free Spins. These features can help multiply your winnings before you know it, and you’ll be leaving the game fairly rich.

At your luckiest, the titular BomBom Bot might also come in to help you. He will light up the reels—literally—with power-ups that come in the form of his bombs. Once he’s on the reels and you’re getting his help, there’s no way you’re getting a small prize.

What is BomBom Bot 

It’s clear that this is not like the normal table and card games you’ve played, but it has the potential to at least give you the mid-range of what you get in those games. This is one of the better themed games out there, and it can even pass for a mainstream game. If you want a fresh change of pace in graphics without sacrificing the winnings you get, play BomBom Bot!


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