December 4, 2021

12BET Rock Paper Scissors RPS review

2 min read

Out of all the game we’re familiar with, rock-paper-scissors stands out as a childhood staple that everyone is familiar with. It may come with different names and some additional rules, but the basics stay the same. It’s so simple that it has even become the framework behind a casino game.

It may seem deceptively so simple to be entertaining, too. That’s why we’re doing this review. Is the 12BET Arcade game Rock, Paper, scissors a game worth playing? Let’s take a look.

At First Glance

When you first get into the game, there are three betting options for you to choose from. You can bet at a max of 250, 1,250, or 2,500. After this, you’ll be taken to the main game screen, where you can then bet on whether the hand will end up as rock, paper, or scissor.

The rules and gameplay are as simple as that. The chances are also balanced, since there’s no software or any other aid for you to get an advantage up on other players about what figure will end up on the screen.

Winning Percentages

Each figure has a x2 multiplier, meaning a bet of $1 will net 2. That might not look like much, but a net 250 wager will get a prize double that, so it’s worth playing. If you’re looking to pass the time and you’ve got nothing else better to do, this is a game that’s worth trying.

Audio and Other Settings

Be prepared to tone down your speakers for this game, though, because it is LOUD. The good thing here is the options and the settings are easy to adjust; if you’d like to game in peace, we recommend that you turn the audio down low, or at least to levels that you can tolerate.

What We Think

This game is definitely worth trying out if you have the time. Its simplicity is definitely a plus if you want to concentrate on what’s important here—winning. If you envision yourself getting massive wins, Rock Paper Scissors is definitely a game you must try if you want to play a classic game and win prizes, among others. It doesn’t lack in other departments and is definitely a game you should play.

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