December 1, 2021

12BET IDN Poker Domino QQ FAQ instructional

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Here, you’ll learn how to play the P2P IDN Poker game, Domino QQ. We’ll cover the basics of domino and how to count the value on the cards. We’ll also go over the most basic rules and all you need to know to enjoy playing domino.

1 – Familiarizing yourself with domino cards

Players receive a total of 28 domino cards that are distributed during each round of the game (a game consists of max 6 players, each with 4 cards). Each card has an upper and lower part divided at the center with a line. Cards have a different dot count which indicates the value of said card. The easiest way to remember all cards is to group them to 7 series each.

This example features the domino group with 0 (zero) dots on the upper part. A set is 7 cards, and each card has an empty dot part on the upper or lower side:

The 1 (one) dot series consists of 6 cards in total. Each card has one big dot part on the upper or lower side:

The 2 (two) dots series consists of 5 cards. Take note  of the figure showing cards that have two dots on the upper or lower side:

The 3 (three) dots series is 4 cards in total. There are three dots on the upper side and one card has three dots on each side:

The 4 (four) dots series consists of three cards. Each card has four dots part on the upper or lower side:

The 5 (five) dots series has 2 cards in all. Each card has five dots on the upper or lower side:

There is a 6 (six) dot card and it’s the lone card of its series. There are six dots on each side of this card:

2- Counting the results in Domino QQ

Card Value

The total dots of all cards determines the value in Domino QQ.

The highest possible value one can get with their cards is 9. When these reach a value more than 10, 20, or 30, the second number in that series is the value of the cards. See below:    

              0 + 4 = 4                         8 + 2 = 10                         6 + 6 = 12                     10 + 11 = 21          

            Result = 4                        Result = 0                        Result = 2                       Result = 1

Counting the Results:

In Domino QQ, each player has 4 domino cards divided by 2 (two) sections. The two cards on the left are simply called ‘Left Side’ while the two cards on the right are ‘Right Side’.

Notice that you’ll see which value you have on the Left and the Right Side. As in the figure below, the numbers in the circle are your card’s value.  


              PLAYER 1                                    PLAYER 2                                  PLAYER 3

             Result : 9 4                                 Result : 9 8                                  Result : 4 3

                 LOSE                                           WIN                                             LOSE

Take Note:

During the game, the values for the Left and Right Side cards will display automatically. The Left Side value will always be bigger than the Right Side value or both sides will have the same number of dots. In Domino QQ, there are 5 special mixed cards with different values than the normal cards.

Special Cards

These Special cards will always result in a win in this game. These can win a player the jackpot, provided that they have at least one of these cards. The Jackpot menu has all the information regarding the rules and the Jackpot Prize.

1 – The SixGod (6666)

The highest Special Card. Players who have this kind of card value wins the game. It is the top possible card that can win the game.

2 – The Two-of-a-kind Twin Series

The second-best combination of Special Cards. Four of these can help a player win the game. The only card series that can beat these is the 6666 combination or the SixGod cards.

3 – Pure Big

The third possible Special Card combination. A Pure Big is when you receive a value totaling between 39 and 43. You win the game if no player has a SixGod or Twin Series combination.

4 – Pure Small

The opposite of the Pure Big combination. These cards combine to form a value between 5 and 9. If a player gets this, they can win the game, if no other Special Card mixes are present.

That’s the basics for the 12BET game Domino QQ. Have fun playing and good luck!