December 4, 2021


2 min read

Here is what you need to know about the popular 12BET IDN game Domino Dealer, more commonly known as CEME in Southeast Asia. This guide will be covering the basics like, for instance, how to be a player or a dealer. This game shares similarities with another popular game, Domino QQ. It does have some differences, however, such as the number of dominoes used in the game—Domino QQ uses 4, while CEME uses 2.

1- Getting familiar with the game

There are 28 dominoes to be distributed each round of the game. The simplest way for you to remember all the cards in the game is to review them in a 7-series stack:

0 (zero) dot dominoes: These are the dominoes that have zero dots on the upper part. One domino is also completely empty of any dots:

1 (one) dot dominoes: This series has 6 dominoes in total. Each domino has one dot on the top part, and only one card has one dot on each part:

2 (two) dots dominoes: There are 5 dominos in this series. Each domino features 2 dots on the upper side. One card has two dots on both sides as the representative of the series: 

3 (three) dots dominoes: There are 4 dominoes that feature 3 (three) dots in the upper part. The representative domino of this series has 3 dots on both sides:

4 (four) dots dominoes: There are 3 dominoes in this series. Each has 4 dots on the upper part, while one card features 4 dots on the upper and lower part:

5 (five) dots dominoes: This series of dominoes features 2 dominoes with 5 dots on the upper side. There is a single card with five dots on both parts: 

6 (six) dot dominoes: It’s a single domino that has six dots on both parts:

Distribution of cards  

This 12BET game can be played by 2 to 8 players (see black chairs in picture). A single player will be given the chance to become the dealer (red chair). The game will not start unless a player agrees to become the dealer.