December 1, 2021

12BET IDN Blackjack FAQ

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Quick Introduction

If you’ve played other forms of the 12BET IDN game Blackjack, you know that you and the other players are competing against the dealer. As a refresher, a pure Blackjack consists of 2 cards, one of which is the Ace, and the other is any of these cards: the Jack, Queen, and the King or 10.

This game uses a standard deck of cards—for the sake of this example, we are using 4. Players can be dealers and dealers can play in this version of Blackjack. Should you decide to be a dealer, though, there is a number of chips you must have.

Note: The dealer position will always be directly in front of the player. (i.e., dealer is on top, player will be below them)

Basic Rules

Here are the basics of Blackjack:

  • Aces are either 1 or 11
  • Cards from 2-10 are valued at face value
  • All picture cards (royalty/Jack, Queen, and King) are valued at 10
  • Suits aren’t relevant to the game


Once the dealer reaches 17 or has gone bust, there is no more action. Here is how bets can be settled in the game:

  • Players can be paid 2x their bet if they get dealt a pure Blackjack (any card that is valued 10 + an Ace) and the dealer does not have one.
  • Player get an equal amount to their bet if they don’t go Bust. They might also win if their hand is valued higher than that of the dealer’s.
  • If the dealer goes Bust, the player wins an amount equal to their bet..
  • A player that goes Bust will lose their bet, regardless of the dealer’s hand.
  • If the dealer’s hand is higher than that of the player’s, then the player loses their bet.
  • A player’s bet is returned if the value of their hand is the same as the dealer’s hand.
  • A player’s bet is returned if both they and the dealer are dealt a pure Blackjack.


How to Play

Choose a Seat

Note: If the dealer and players aren’t seated, the game will not start.

Starting a Hand

To start a hand, you should choose how many chips you want to bet and then hit the ‘Confirm Bet’ button. Players can choose ‘Clear Bet’ if you want to adjust the amount or ‘Last Bet’ to place your previously decided bet.

The Deal

After placing your bet, you receive two cards. These cards will be face up on the screen. The dealer also gets two cards, but only of those are revealed on the screen.

Hitting or Standing

After you receive your hand, you must decide how your first act will be. There are two standard options here: Hit or Stand.

Stand means no more cards are dealt to you. If you want to see whether the dealer has a good or bad hand, choose this option.

Hit will cause the dealer to hand you another card. You can keep choosing it until your hand values 21 or you go Bust. Going Bust will cause you to lose your bet.


If the dealer is revealed to have an Ace in their hand, you are given the option to insure against the dealer having a potential Blackjack in your 12BET game.

If you choose to insure your bet, you will lose half of it. You get back your wager at 2:1 the dealer does indeed have a Blackjack. You lost it if they don’t. In the image, the dealer doesn’t have a Blackjack, so the insurance bet is lost.



You have the option to split your cards or turn them into two hands if you get two cards of the same value. If you do this, you will have to place additional chips to the value of your initial bet.

Each card will then form a new hand and another card will be dealt for each new hand on the table. The two hands you have gained will play out as normal; one bet goes to your original hand while another bet is issued to the other. Real lucky payers can make a pure Blackjack (cards valued at 10 + Ace) out of both and can also hit more than 1 card (up to a maximum of 7) on each hand.


Some instances will allow you to double your bet once your original hand has been dealt. When you double, only one more card is dealt to you. You will also have to stick with your cards as is, regardless if you get a good or a bad card.


You can choose to surrender once you have been dealt your first hand. When you surrender, all your bets are forfeit and you remain inactive until the end of the round.

In this image, notice how the player bets 10000 and only loses 5000.


You can also choose to buy a Jackpot each round. Look for this box in the lower left column:

Jackpot calculations depend on a card in the dealer’s hand and 2 cards from the player’s. Here is an example of a combination from the dealer and the player: a Three-of-a-Kind hand that wins the Jackpot.

Dealer’s card: Ace

Player’s Card: Ace, Ace

In this case, the player and the dealer both receives a Jackpot. You can refer to the Jackpot menu to see a list of the Jackpot prizes, as well as the allowed combinations (as pictured in the image below):

Dealer Options

When you play as the dealer, you have limited options. You won’t be able to use Double, Split, or Surrender. Your only choices are to Hit or to Stand.

Dealers must choose Stand if their hand adds up to 17 or above. The dealer must choose Hit if their hand adds up to 16 or lower. If they go Bust, all the players that are still in active play wins.

Note: The Hit and Stand action of a dealer is automatic. The only option that requires a manual action is buying the Jackpot.


That’s it for the basics of P2P IDN Blackjack. Good luck and have fun!