December 8, 2021

12Amber Total Overdrive review

2 min read

There has been a recent surge in 80s memorabilia making a sudden comeback. Everywhere you look there’s a feeling of the 80s; whether it’s in movies, TV series, or even in games, there’s a snippet of the era making itself felt. That seems to be the case with the 12Amber game Total Overdrive.

The welcome message is clear: each winning spin gets a x10 increase and multiple spins may be possible. There is also a Wild here for the chance at more winnings. But what really makes this game special, other than the iconic 80s design?

A Classic Reel with a Penchant for a Video Overload

If you’re looking for a nice time playing to the sound of the 80s, that’s what you’ll get with Total Overdrive. The sound is definitely authentic, and so are the colors to this game. A trial spin will also give you more prizes than you can count from the start, and the multipliers are generous.

It’s very easy to win here, since the multiplier goes up with each successful spin of even the smallest winning combination possible. The good thing is that there’s no upper limit too, so the more you spin, the higher your multiplier goes in this simple slots casino game.

Lower Stakes Gamblers are Welcome

It’s totally understandable if you don’t have the money to play, but you don’t have to worry about that in Total Overdrive. It’s the high stakes players that might be put off. You won’t get as much of a win here as you do in other slots, but even if you only have $0.05 on you, you can play.

The payline is plenty as well. You won’t have problems betting with a minor pay, and you’ll also expect a fairly large amount for the small wager you put in, thanks to the multipliers in this game.

 Our Final Say

Big game hunters won’t probably appreciate the small wagers that this 80s-themed reel is offering. That’s not to say that it isn’t enjoyable. You should come play this 12BET online slot for the 80s ride, and stay for the large prizes—that is, if your plan is to bet small and win big. What we can say here is to rack up those multipliers, and you’ll begin to see your small budget become bigger.

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