December 1, 2021

12Amber Take Olympus review

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Greek mythology fans will find the slots of their dreams in the 12BET Betsoft product Take Olympus! The pantheon of Olympus is present and accounted for in this Betsoft slot. There are plenty of spins and wins to get here, but really, what makes it so special?

We’re going to take a look at the slot based on some categories—the gameplay, the graphics, and how many ways people can win prizes in it.

On the Graphics

There are many excellent slots in Betsoft’s cache and Take Olympus seems to be one of them. Those gods that are included in this game seem to be well represented. For instance, a gameplay could start with Aphrodite and end with a different god like Poseidon. 

The god who controls the reels may also influence them. Even those that are on the sidelines when you play may interfere. For example, the god of the sun, Apollo, may even bless the reels with his arrows, helping you gain all the wilds you can get.

On the Gameplay

When playing Take Olympus—which can also be found on 12Amber—the first thing you’ll notice is that there are 50 pay lines in a 4-reel setup. That is not bad, but not so good either. You do have a Bonus Round and Wild substitutions here. During gameplay, you could be lucky enough to hit Wild upon Wild, and you’ll be able to experience that 95.4% return-to-player rate.

Rightfully so, the big three—Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus—gives you the most prizes out of the available gods with respins during Poseidon’s ‘reign,’ multipliers during Hades’ turn, and Wilds gifted by Zeus’ icon. Hades, Aphrodite, and Apollo complete the cycles of the gods.

Should you Play It?

Why shouldn’t you?

This game has a ton of prizes to be won. The best-case scenario for you would be to gain a free spin and have a Zeus icon bring you a huge multiplier. A high payer would have to be present in a good number of positions too, giving you a huge prize. That should make this one of the best slots casino games out there.

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