Blacklist International claims the MPL-PH season 10 crown

The redemption of Blacklist International from missing the last season’s playoffs, they are now back on the peak of Mobile Legends Philippines after toppling ECHO 4-2 at the finals of the MPL-PH Season 10. Follow for more esports events updates and stories here!

Blacklist International, the Tier One-backed squad, successfully claimed the three of the last four titles of MPL-PH. They rose to popularity when they made a back-to-back championship in season 7 and season 8 of the said esports tournament. With this victory of Blacklist, they became the lone MPL-PH squad to accumulate three historic titles, a feat that has never been done by any Mobile Legends squad. We will feature upcoming competitive mobile games events here!

The squad’s run for the third title wasn’t easy. In the quarterfinals, they faced the formidable and known squad in Brent Esport and narrowly took down the squad with a 3-2 record. Then, Blacklist faced ECHO in the semifinals and easily swept them to reach the finals. However, ECHO made an impressive output in the lower bracket finals by eliminating the defending champion RSG PH, 3-1 and once again booked a picnic to the the MPL finals with now their rival, Blacklist international headlined by Danerie James “Wise” Del Rosario and Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna. 

The MPL-PH Finals is on another level as Blacklist international failed to replicate their last meeting sweep of ECHO in semifinals. Danerie “Wise” Del Rosario opened the series with a perfect and strong 7/0/5 record as they secured the first win of the seven games series. However, in the second game, ECHO bounced back as Sanford of ECHO stepped up his game and  took the momentum on the third game of the series in favor of ECHO’s side, 2-1.

Blacklist International showcased their championship caliber on the game four and easily dominated the match with the guide of Sali “Hadji” Imam who led the wipe-out in the 17th minute mark of the match to secure the victory and transferred the momentum on the hungry Blacklist. The game six is still the same, and this time, the team secured their third title during the 16th minute mark after Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna’s Lolita caught three members with Noumenon Blast, leading to a 5-0 wipeout. 

The great thing about this Blacklist team is their tenacity and bravery of taking risks. Instead of securing the Luminous Lord they went straight to the midlane and destroyed the inner and base turret to officially secure the win with a passion. ECHO didn’t find any answer as they watched the heroes of Blacklist wipe their lane straight to their base and destroy the crystal to clinch the championship. The grand final MVP is Edward “EDWARD” Dapadap who received a prize of $1000, while Blacklist received a whooping $150,000 prize pool. 

Despite losing in the finals, ECHO will still represent the Philippines, with the champion Blacklist international in the M4 World Championship next year to be held in Indonesia. 

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